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The Divine Way - La via divina (a Stoccarda)



The Divine Way - La via divina (a Stoccarda)

Im Rahmen des 32. Stuttgarter Filmwinters (17.01. – 20.01.2019): >>>

Werk der italienischen Videokünstlerin Ilaria Di Carlo. Die Künstlerin wird anwesend sein.

Loosely based on Dante’s Divine Comedy, The Divine Way takes us along on the protagonist’s epic descent through an endless labyrinth of staircases. Together with the protagonist, we move on a mystical path full of uncertainty and the unexpected. As the woman journeys deeper, the staircases mutate and she is trapped and pulled into their dangerous landscape, conducting us through more than fifty magnificent locations. Each minute is a new step that we feel deep inside ourselves, passing through the complex spaces our own universe of thoughts and feelings.

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Data: Sab 19 Gen 2019

Orario: Dalle 17:30 alle 19:00

Organizzato da : Wand 5 e.V. Stuttgart

In collaborazione con : Italienisches Kulturinstitut Stuttgart

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Fitz! Figurentheater, Eberhardstr. 61, Stoccarda