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Collectors and Scholars - The Numismatic World in the Long 19th Century (a Tubinga - evento do altri)



 Collectors and Scholars - The Numismatic World in the Long 19th Century (a Tubinga - evento do altri)

Convegno internazionale.

In the 19th century, developments in the study and collection of coins set the cornerstone for modern numismatics. While the developments of collecting and studying coins in the 19th century are crucial for our understanding of current archaeological and numismatics scholarship and the methodologies in place, many aspects in this period have not yet received the scholarly attention they deserve. The conference aims at illuminating for the first time these blind spots and wishes to contribute to the closure of this lacuna that is relevant for a variety of academic disciplines. Consequently, the topic will be studied from different scholarly perspectives as the development of numismatics in the 19th century was inextricably intertwined with and shaped by changes in contemporary intellectual and political life. Our aim is to explore the numismatic world in the long 19th century—including both, the sphere of academia, and that of collecting and dealing of coins—with a focus on ancient numismatics but also on medieval and modern numismatics including engagement with non-Western numismatics and medals, with an interest for the political, cultural, economic, and social changes of the era.

Relazioni italiani:
15.04.2020, 15.30 Uhr: Arianna D’Ottone Rambach (Rome), Henri Sauvaire (1831-1896), Collector and Scholar, through His Unpublished Correspondence with Stanley Lane-Poole (1854-1931)
15.04.2020, 18.00 Uhr: Ulf Hansson (Rome), Key-note Lecture: Scholars, Curators, Collectors and the Art Market: Interaction Dynamics at the Turn of the Century 1900
16.04.2020, 11.30 Uhr: Federico Barello (Turin), Domenico Promis, the Turin Royal Coin Cabinet and Regenbogenschüsselchen Finds in Piedmont
16.04.2020, 15.30 Uhr: Alessandra Magni & Gabriella Tassinari (Milan), Between Gems and Coins: A Reflection about Collectors and Collections in Verona
17.04.2020, 09.30 Uhr: Bruno Callegher (Trieste), The Becoming of Collecting and Research on Byzantine Coinage during the 19th Century in Italy
17.04.2020, 14.00 Uhr: Andrea Gariboldi (Trieste), Two Unpublished Numismatic Manuscripts by Bartolomeo Borghesi
17.04.2020, 14.30 Uhr: Marco Callegari (Padova), From Private Collection to Public Museum. Nicola Bottacin (1805-1875), His Numismatic Collection and the Birth of the Museo Bottacin of Padua (1865)
17.04.2020, 15.00 Uhr: Italo Iasiello (Benevento) & Rosa Vitale (Caserta), Collectors, Scholars and Professional Dealers in 19th Century Naples: Frequentations and Overlapping – the Numismatic Collection of the Museo Campano
17.04.2020, 15.30 Uhr: Vanja Macovaz (Trieste), Italian Coins Containing Photographs. Results of Non-Invasive Diagnostic on Metal Based Photographic Technique

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Data: Da Mer 15 Apr 2020 a Ven 17 Apr 2020

Organizzato da : Universität Tübingen - Institut für Klassische Archäologie

Ingresso : Libero


Institut für Klassische Archäologie, Schloss Hohentübingen, Raum 165, Burgsteige 11, Tubinga